Meet Info

Forms, Applications, Waivers

USA Track and Field, the sanctioning authority of the Simplot Games, requires a signed release form on file from each athlete registering to participate in the meet.

ALL athletes must ELECTRONICALLY sign the Participation Agreement and Release of Liability Form. (Athletes 17 & under need a guardian’s signature as well.) All athletes need to sign BEFORE registration closes Sunday, February 11th, at 4:00 p.m.  Here is how it works:

INDIVIDUALS:  Once the athlete is registered and has completed Step 2, click on VIEW ELECTRONIC WAIVER and complete the form. Pay the fees and you are registered for the Simplot Games. So very easy!!

TEAMS: Once the coach sets up the team password and enters all the athletes into the system, the athlete can then go into the registration system to electronically sign their Participation Release Waiver. (In order for the athlete to sign you DO NOT have to have the final times and distances in the system. Just get those athletes in!! Don’t wait until the last minute. The athletes need time to sign.)

Have athletes go to Registration ~ Click Here to Register Release of Liability Form. Fill in the Team NameFirst and Last Name and Team Password which the coach sets up. (Suggestion: This password should be different from the Coach’s login information). Enter the Captcha which will take the athlete directly to the form. The coach can log into the registration system to see who has signed the participant form. Voila! You are good to go!

The following forms, applications and waivers are required for:

– Relay teams applying to run in the 4×800 event – 4X800 M Relay
– Athletes desiring to waive through preliminary field event competitions – Field Event Waiver
– Athletes desiring to compete in two open running events – Second Open Event

They are interactive forms and personal information can be filled in the blanks.  After completing the forms, save and e-mail them to along with documented proof.  Proof can include results, news articles or links.  They can also be sent by fax to (208) 281-3256.

Printing and faxing is optional, but not necessary.

The State of Idaho is requiring Simplot Games to collect sales tax on registrations. If you belong to a school team and your school is tax exempt, follow the instructions below to have those taxes waived.

How can I avoid paying taxes?

  1. Your team must attend a tax exempt high school. You will be asked about this at the beginning of your registration. Make sure to select this option.
  2. You need to complete the Idaho State Tax Commission’s ST-101 exemption form. You will be taken to the appropriate link as part of the registration process. If you are not taken to the link, go back and make sure you selected the tax exempt option.
  3. Complete AND sign the from. Then upload the form as part of your registration. DO NOT email directly to Simplot Games.

Bottom Line: If you do not attach the Exemption Certificate during the registration process, you will be charged sales tax and you will not be reimbursed.