Meet Info

For Athletes and Coaches

Because USA Track & Field is the Simplot Games governing body we have specific procedures to be followed by disabled athletes wishing to compete in able-bodied competitions against able-bodied athletes. Please note that the disabled athlete must first meet the eligibility requirements applicable to the relevant competition, including having achieved the required qualifying standard, if any. The disabled athlete is responsible for initiating the ADA Accommodation Request procedures sufficiently in advance to enable USATF to complete its review and decision-making process prior to the relevant competition. Please see the USATF “Policy & Procedures for Accommodation Requests Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act” for more information.

The Running Event check-in tables are located at the southwest end of the Arena Floor. Girls are to check in at one table and boys at the other. Field Event participants will check in at the field event location.

Athletes and coaches must listen to the Announcer for calls. All athletes participating in the running events must check in at the Clerk’s tables. After checking in, the athlete must go to the marshaling area. Once an athlete checks in and enters the marshaling area, they must stay there until escorted to the starting area. No athletes will be allowed to enter the marshaling area after the clerks have checked through the heats (3rd call). If athletes are late to check-in, they will be disqualified even if the race has not been run yet.

First call will be approximately 20 minutes before the event. Second call at 15 minutes before the event. Last call is 10 minutes before the event. If an athlete is not checked in by the last call, they will automatically be scratched.

Athletes may warm up in designated areas only. An athlete warming up inside of the flagged-off area or in the hallways may be disqualified.

Arrangements have been made for the Simplot Games participants to practice at the ICCU Dome on Wednesday 6-8:30 p.m., Thursday 2:00-4:00 p.m., Friday 7-8:15 a.m. and Saturday 7-7:45 a.m. Simplot Games volunteers will be setting up for the meet and there will be some ISU athletes working out at this time. All Simplot Games athletes should conduct themselves in a proper manner and show consideration to the ISU athletes who will also be using the facilities.

Awards will be presented to contestants finishing in the top six places in the individual events, and to individual members of the first six teams in each relay. Coaches will receive awards in their events for the top three places in the four classes: Women under age 40, Women over age 40, Men under age 40, and Men age 40 and over. Simplot Games T-shirts are given to every contestant who participates in the meet. On Saturday, the awards ceremony will follow each final event. Awards will be presented as soon as the announcers have processed the result sheets.

Any student athlete who sets a national record will receive a special duffle bag.  Athletes winning an event and also breaking an existing meet record will receive the special duffle bag.

All first-place winners will receive a Simplot Games medal as well as a backpack.  ALL-IDAHO RELAYS WINNERS WILL ONLY RECEIVE A MEDAL – NO BAG.  Second through sixth place winners will receive a Simplot Games medal.

All athletes competing in the finals on Saturday will receive a medal. The top 6 finishers will receive their respective place medals, and remaining competitors will receive a finalist medal.

The Ceremony and Parade of Athletes is scheduled for Saturday at 11:30 a.m. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

There can only be two recognized coaches per team- one head coach and an assistant coach or one boys coach and one girls coach. If both boys and girls are coached by the same coach, only one coach will be listed. Coaches are not allowed on the floor of the arena but may be in the athletic training area to assist an athlete. Please do not “hang out” in this area. Coaches abusing the assisting of athletes provision will be expelled from the area.

A brief coaches’ meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m., Friday, at the NW ramp of the arena. All teams must have a representative in attendance, since important last-minute announcements will be made at this time. All scratches must be made prior to this Friday morning meeting. Any athlete not scratched after the Friday morning meeting will be considered declared for the event.

As guests of Idaho State University, we will be following their Covid 19 protocols. More information can be found on their website.

Any high school athlete can enter ONE open running event, TWO relay events and TWO field events.  Standards must be met ONLY if an athlete desires to compete in a second open event.  In that case, the athlete must complete and send in BEFORE close of registration a Second Open Event Application and submit verification in BOTH events.  If the application is approved, we will enter you in the second event manually in our office.  You cannot enter two running events online.

 Access to the arena floor (for athletes only) may be by either the east or west ramps on the north side. For access to north side seating, use the east end. The concession stand on the north side will be open from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday night; 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday and from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Alternates will not be selected for any finals. Only the top qualifiers will advance. If an athlete that qualifies for the finals is unable to compete, their spot will remain open.

Because of the wood track and large number of athletes, spiked shoes will not be allowed in the preliminary races on Thursday and Friday. Spiked shoes ARE allowed in the Thursday preliminaries in the Boys and Girls 60m Hurdles for safety concerns.  Spiked shoes are allowed for all Saturday event finals. Only 3/16″ needle spikes will be allowed and are available for purchase at the Simplot Games Store in the northeast corner of Holt Arena. In the jumping events, spikes of ¼” are allowed for both preliminaries and finals. Athletes footwear will be checked prior to each event.

For Friday’s preliminary races, athletes will need a flat, rubber-soled shoe. Removing the spikes from a spiked shoe and leaving just the plastic plate is not acceptable and very dangerous as the shoes slip on the wooden track.

Simplot Games participants are guests of Idaho State University and should be courteous and respectful of college students who are in class. ISU has generously opened many of their recreational facilities at Reed Gym and the Pond Student Union Building to Simplot Games participants who wear the current Simplot Games T-shirt. Participants may use the bowling, billiards and other facilities (except for the climbing wall) at the ISU student rate. If under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult (coach or adult accompanying team).

During the meet, all Lost and Found items will be turned into the Information table. At the conclusion of the meet, Lost and Found items may be claimed upon identification by contacting the Simplot Games office at 208-235-5604.

The Simplot Games Medical Director, Dr. Jared Price, supervises a volunteer staff that provide medical services during the Simplot Games.  These volunteers include doctors, physician assistants and student physician assistants, athletic trainers and student athletic trainers, and student massage therapists.  Medical services will be available on the east end of the turf during the competition.  Any athlete needing attention will be able to report to this area. Treatments cannot be given without the coach’s approval and the coach should accompany athletes to the training area or room. All emergency medical needs will be treated at Portneuf Medical Center.

Please help to reduce parking congestion. Buses and Vans – please park on the North Side of ICCU Dome.

A Simplot Games photographer will be taking pictures of all award presentations. These award pictures will be posted on the Simplot Games website following the event and can be downloaded for individual use. Spectator photography areas will be marked. Photographers are to stay upstairs during the meet. The only exceptions will be official Simplot Games photographers and those carrying media passes. To obtain media information, please check in with the Information Desk on the northeast corner of the turf.

One program per team will be issued for the meet and will be included in the packet. Additional programs can be purchased in the Simplot Games store. Saturday’s day-sheet finals will be available for purchase for $1 in the Simplot Games Store.

Written protests can be filed by submitting them to the computer area where they will be forwarded to the Jury of Appeals. Only written protests will be considered and these must be turned in within 30 minutes of the announced results. A $20.00 fee is to be included with each protest. The $20.00 fee will be refunded ONLY if the appeal is ruled in your favor.

Results will be posted on the northeast ramp and only at the conclusion of each event. Individual heat results will not be posted.  Athletes are not to ask officials for their time and place. Once they have been told by the head timers to leave the finish area, they must immediately do so. Results can also be found on our Results webpage. Please allow us a little time to upload the information.

Simplot Games apparel, T-shirts, bags, posters, pins, etc., will be available for purchase in the Simplot Games Store located in the Bennion Room in the northwest hallway.

Admission is free. Coaches, spectators, and all athletes who are not warming up or competing, are asked to remain in the stands throughout the meet. No one is allowed to stand against the railings. Everyone must be seated in the stands. 

The team name is chosen at your discretion and will either be the name of your high school or track club. Individuals running unattached must use their own name in entry and are not allowed to run under a team name.

Registration packets – event information, scratch forms, participant numbers, etc. – will be available from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday evening, from 7:00 a.m. on Friday and from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. Please send only the listed coach to pick these up for all team members.

Fully automatic timing will be used for all races whenever possible. If there is a precise tie in times for a place in finals, a runoff will be held before Saturday’s events to determine who gets to run in the finals. Please be alert to this possibility and be prepared to arrive early if necessary.

The Simplot Games are sanctioned by USA Track & Field and that organization’s rules governing track meets will apply.

USA Track and Field membership is optional but NOT required to compete at Simplot Games.