In order to compete, ALL participants and competing coaches must sign the electronic Participant Agreement and Release of Liability Form. You will have access to the form during the registration process.


Due to rising covid cases, simplot games will be canceled for 2022. all registrants that have paid will receive a full refund.


Coaches, if your team is connected to a non-profit high school, you will need to complete and sign the Idaho State Tax Commission’s ST-101 exemption form as part of registration. Make sure you select tax exempt at the beginning of the process and you will be directed to the form’s link. You will need to fill out and sign the form, then upload it into the system. DO NOT send the form directly to Simplot Games.

As guests of Idaho State University, we will be following their Covid 19 protocols. More information can be found on their website.


  • $15 per athlete
  • $5 per event (up to 5 events)
  • $5 packet fee per team (less expensive if you sign up with a friend)
  • applicable state sales tax 


Individuals / Unattached Athletes

  1. Create your account and register as an Individual Athlete.
  2. You will be directed to sign the online Participation Agreement and Release of Liability Form.
  3. Enter your events on the Roster page. 
  4. Once you have done this and made your payment, you will receive a registration email with your roster and PayPal receipt. You are registered for the Simplot Games. So very easy!!

Teams - All Relay Events Must be Registered on Team Registrations

  1. The coach sets up the account and enters the athletes with the CORRECT SPELLING into the Roster.
  2. Once this step is in place, the athletes will need the Athlete Access Code which is automatically generated. Coaches share this with all your athletes.
  3. The athlete can then go into the online system to electronically sign their Participation Agreement and Release of Liability Form. All athletes 17 & under will need a guardian signature as well. (In order for the athlete to sign the coach DOES NOT have to have the final times and distances in the system. Just get those athletes in!! Don’t wait until the last minute. The athletes need time to sign.)
  4. The coach can log into the registration system to track who has signed the participant form. Blue is signed. Red it is NOT signed.
  5. Once the final payment has been made, voila! You are good to go! You will then receive a registration email with your roster and PayPal receipt.

How to sign the Participant Agreement and Release of Liability Form


Underneath the login fields, click on sign release form which directs to the online system for signing. Enter your team code (automatically generated when the coach is registering, so get it from your coach), first and last name. If all the information is entered correctly the athlete will be taken directly to sign the online Participation Agreement and Release of Liability Form.

ALL athletes must sign the ONLINE Participation Agreement & Release of Liability Form BEFORE registration closes Sunday, February 13th at 4:00pm (Athletes 17 & under need a guardian’s signature as well.)

Call (208) 235-5604 if you have any questions.