Utah Athletes Qualify for Finals at 2016 Simplot Games

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Date February 19, 2016
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Utah Athletes Qualify for Finals at 2016 Simplot Games
Pocatello, Idaho – Athletes from Utah took the most qualifying spots of any state in an exhilarating day-and-a-half of preliminary competition at the 2016 Simplot Games.
Some of the results include:

  • 19 of the 36 qualifiers for the girls’ 1600 meters are from Utah, including Courtney Wayment, a senior from Davis Track of Layton with the second fastest time of 5:03:66.
  • Twenty-one of the 36 qualifiers for the boys’ 1600 meters are from Utah, including Dallin Leatham, a senior from Viewmont High School in Bountiful with the second fastest time of 4:20:27.
  • Garek Bielaczyc, a senior from Salt Lake City was a the top qualifier for the boys’ 3200-meter run with a time of 9:02:75. The current Simplot Games record for the 3200 was set by Ben Saarel of Salt Lake City at 9:00:62.
  • Gold Medal Athletics of Provo, Utah, and Davis Track Club of Layton, Utah, both have team qualifiers in the girls’ 4×200 relay.
  • The girls’ 4×400 relay will feature four teams from Utah: Warrior Express of Pleasant View, Davis Track Club “A” and “B”, and Olympus of Holladay. Warrior Express qualified with the top time at 4:05:07.
  • The boys’ 4×400 relay will also feature four teams from Utah: Davis Track Club “A,” Knights Track of Layton, Wildcat Track Club of Woods Cross, and Uintah of Vernal.
  • 11 of the 27 qualifiers in the 800 are from Utah.

All events on Saturday are finals, with championship heats beginning at 12:15 p.m. at Holt Arena. A full list of Utah athletes who qualified is listed below.
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Utah qualifiers include:
Girls 3200 Meter Run
Clarissa Mantz, 11, Smithfield
Shanee Harris, 9, Box Elder
Emily Liese, 12, Providence
Sarah Waddoups, 10, Layton
Megan Bartholomew, 11, Lehi
Abi Waddoups, 9, Layton
Boys 3200 Meter Run
Garek Bielaczyc, 12, Salt Lake City
Casey Clinger, 11, American Fork,
William Handley, 12, Orem
Garrett Barton, 11, Ogden
Joe Benson, 11, Orem
Camren Todd, 11, Layton
Travis Feeny, 11, Ogden
Connor Arnell, 12, Lehi
Ethan Field, 12, North Ogden
Denver Perry, 11, Ogden
Girls Weight Throw 
Maia Garren, 12, Logan
Kathryn Wilde, 12, Layton
Boys Weight Throw
George Plantenga, 12, Alta
Seth Wilde, 12, Logan
Eric Guerrero, 11, Alta
Eli Beard, 11, Layton
Luke Sandoval, 11, Alta
Girls 1600 Meter Run
Courtney Wayment, 12, Layton
Sara Musselman, 11, American Fork
Sophie Baird ,12, American Fork
McKenna Lee, 10, Pleasantville
Ally Geisler, 12, Davis
Aubrey Argyle, 11, Davis
Olivia Hoj, 12, Holladay
Jenna Connell, 11, Layton
Haley Johnston, 12, Salem
Lexi Wright, 10, American Fork
Katie Cornell, 12, American Fork
Britney Lund, 12, Mapleton
Maggie Beazer, 12, Erda
Julia Perry, 12, Ogden
Katie Bradshaw, 11, American Fork
Taylor Viertel, 10, Orem
Kaitlin Struthers, 11, Lehi
Cami Squires, 11, American Fork
Sam Hollingsworth, 11, American Fork
Julietta Navarette-Lamas, 12, Orem
Grace Neuenschwander 11 Layton
Alicia Halverson 9 Layton
Boys 1600 Meter Run
Patrick Parker, 11, American Fork
Dallin Leatham, 12, Bountiful
Colter Blanchard, 12, Layton
Mckay Johns, 11, American Fork
Talon Hull, 11, Pleasantville
Bryce Ferguson, 12, Layton
Frasie Williamson, 11, Layton
Josh Leatham, 12, Bountiful
Adam Wood, 11, Herriman
Henry Hall, 12, Pleasantville
Bryant Edgerton, 11, Syracuse
Haydon Cooper, 11, Spanish Fork
Britton Jordan, 11, Layton
Brennan Benson, 10, Orem
Bronson Winter, 10, Farr West
Kyle Rummens, 11, Woods Cross
Addison Hedges, 10, Pleasantville
Andrew Rasmussen, 12, Bountiful
Nathan Chesnut, 12, Salem
Thomas Odell, 12, Holladay
Girls 4X200 Meter Relay 
Gold Medal Athletics, Provo
Davis Track Club, Layton
Boys High Jump 
Traycer Wilson, 11, Brigham City
Jorge Saucedo, 11, Spanish Fork
Nate Allred, 12, Layton Hunter Simonsen, 12, Layton
Dallin Bingham, 11, Providence
Mason Baxter, 12, Salem
Joshua Thomas, 11, Richfield
Payton Riggs, 12, Orem
Owen Mitchell, 11, Pleasantville
Girls Long Jump
Brianna White, 10, West Valley
Cidnee Davies, 12, Syracuse
Jenrty Skidmore, 11, Syracuse
Boys 200 Meter Dash
Jordan Daw, 12, Cedar Hills
William Prettyman, 9, West Valley
Boys 4X400 Meter Relay 
Davis Track Club, Davis
Knights Track, Layton
Wildcat Track Club, Woods
Cross Uintah Vernal
Girls 4X400 Meter Relay 
Warrior Express ‘A’ Pleasant View
Davis Track Club ‘A’ Layton
Davis Track Club ‘B’ Layton
Olympus ‘A’ Holladay
Boys Long Jump 
Hunter Simonsen, 12, Layton
Skyler Andam, 12, West Jordan
Windsor Moore, 11, Salem
Brinn Jensen, 11, Provo
Girls High Jump 
Ginger Nelson, 11, Lehi
Boys 60 Meter Hurdles 
Tanner Kutterer, 11, Syracuse
Kody Codner, 12, Orem
Jaron Erickson, 12, Provo
Cidnee Davies, 12, Syracuse
Kaylee Carter, 11, St. George
Ruby Jane Mathewson, 11, Layton
Girls Pole Vault 
Camilla Moses, 11, Syracuse
Girls 400 Meter 
Elsja Mecham, 12, Highland
Emily Ellis, 10, Highland
Melanie Sullivan, 12, Layton
Kayla Rees, 11, Syracuse
McKenna Neyman, 12, Provo
Krista Farley, 10, Pleasent View
Lauren Rawlinson, 12, Smithfield
Boys 60-Meter Dash
Dallin Draper, 10, Provo
Skyler Andam, 12, West Jordan
Jake Moffatt, 12, Davis
Boys 400 Meters
Dominic Bentil, Highland
Boys 800 Meter
Logan McKay, 12, Layton
Payton Riggs, 12, Orem
Haden Penrod, 11, Springville
Dylan Barker, 12, Lehi
Teron Tucker, 12, Woods Cross
Patrick Larkin, 12, American Fork
Kaden Taylor, 11, Woods Cross
Ike Urquhart, 12, St. George
Cameron Benson, 12, Orem
Jake Reynolds, 11, Syracuse
Nate Boehme, 11, Pleasant View
Girls 800 Meter
Rebekah Christensen, 11, Orem
Madison Moffitt, 10, Orem
Brielle Fernelius, 10, Pleasent View
Ali Oborne, 12, Providence
Girls Pole Vault 
Maia Garren, 12, Logan
Emily Spendlove, 12, Holladay
Sierra Freeland, 12, Riverton
Boys Pole Vault
Ryan Haire, 12, Centerville
Matt Calvin, 12, Layton
Boys 1600 Sprint Medley
Davis Track Club “A,” Layton
Olympus “A,” Holladay
Davis Track Club “B,” Layton
Knights Track, Layton
Girls 1600 Sprint Medley
Davis Track Club “A,” Layton
Olympus “A,” Holladay
Davis Track Club “B,” Layton
Warrior Express “A,” Pleasant View
Salem Hills “A,” Salem
Timpanogos “A,” Orem
Boys Shot Put
Talin Mortensen, 11, Salem
Mitchell Burnett, 12, Riverton
Hunter Morganson, 11, Salem
Ty Shaw, 12, South Jordan
Moses Mallory, 12, South Jordan
Caleb Rogers 11, Riverton

Logan MacKay competes in the Boys 800 meter run at the 2016 Simplot Games. Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Logan MacKay competes in the Boys 800 meter run at the 2016 Simplot Games.
Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Casey Clinger competes in the Boys 3200 meter run at the 2016 Simplot Games.  Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Casey Clinger competes in the Boys 3200 meter run at the 2016 Simplot Games.
Photo by H. Michael Roberts