Tara Davis Returning to Break More Records

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Date January 20, 2017
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Tara Davis Returning to Break More Records

Jumping After Personal and National records

Pocatello, Idaho – Last year, Tara Davis dazzled Simplot Games with her exciting record-breaking performance in the long jump. This year, the high school senior from Agoura Hills, Calif., will return for her third Simplot Games with hopes to break personal and national records.
Davis’s love for the long jump started when she was just four years old. As she has grown as an athlete, she added hurdles and the triple jump to her competition events. She said that although she does other events, the long jump is still her favorite because she enjoys the feeling of flying.

Photo by H. Michael Roberts

In the 2016 Simplot Games, Davis and another athlete, Samiyah Samuels, broke the Simplot Games girls’ long jump record three times within just a few minutes. Davis broke the record first with a jump of 20’ 5.25”, but was quickly beaten when Samuels jumped 20’ 5.75”. Davis turned around and took back the record with a leap of 20’ 10.75,” putting the competition out of reach.
Davis said she didn’t know she was going to perform as well as she did so early in the season. She said she obviously wanted to win, but Samuels offered some stiff competition.
“I had to tell myself, ‘don’t get too excited. Just do what you know how to do best,’” Davis said about her moments leading up to her record-breaking jump. “Just relax, stay calm, stay focused.”
Ty Davis, Tara’s father and coach, said he is excited to watch his daughter compete in this year’s Games because of her aspirations for this year.
“We’re shooting for a national record not only for long jump but for triple jump as well,” Ty Davis said. “With the Simplot Games, I know she really enjoys the venue and the opportunity. The energy and excitement of the Games gives her the drive to be able to do that.”
Davis agreed with her father, saying that she is mostly excited to simply attend the Games this year, but she is also excited to potentially break more records. Davis said she enjoys the whole Simplot Games experience, from driving to Idaho, to competing, to the excitement of snow.
Tara Davis said that her goals and aspirations are what keep her going. Next year, she will enroll in classes at the University of Georgia and said she is excited for the opportunity to work with a new coaching staff that can provide new experiences and insights to help her grow as an athlete.
“I want to be someone and do something,” she said. “I want to go to the Olympics. I want to change the game of the long jump. I want it to be known. I want to change the name of it. If I bring my attitude and drive to long jump, people will get more excited about it.”
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