Tara Davis breaks Simplot Games girls’ long jump record

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Date February 20, 2016
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Tara Davis breaks Simplot Games girls’ long jump record
Samiyah Samuels achieves U.S. #2 mark this year
Pocatello, Idaho – In a head-to-head showdown on the Holt Arena floor, long jumpers Tara Davis of Agoura Hills, Calif., and Samiyah Samuels of Sugarland, Texas, combined to break the Simplot Games long jump record three times within just minutes.

Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Davis first broke the record with 20’ 5.25”.  Samuels then jumped further, breaking the record a second time with a jump of 20’ 5.75.” With the crowd still recovering from this thrilling moment, Davis put the record out of reach with a jump of 20’ 10,” making her number one in the United States.
“I was expecting to do well and possibly break the record, but not by five inches,” Davis said. “I had good competition and a great crowd.”
The tension was high not only on the field as many girls made great jumps and created tough competition, but on the crowd as well. Davis’ father anxiously awaited to see how she would do.
“As a father I loved the competition, but it can be nerve racking at the same time,” Ty Davis, Tara’s father and coach said.
Davis’ performance not only had the attention of the crowd, but Olympian Carl Lewis watching this intense competition as well.
Both the crowd and good competition kept Davis’ energy high and in good spirits. Davis’ enthusiasm throughout the performance helped keep the spirit of the games alive.
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