Simplot’s Fosbury-Dedicated Gift to ISU is No Flop

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Date: January 28, 2018
Contact: Levi Gribas (208) 220-9604
Simplot’s Fosbury-Dedicated Gift to ISU is No Flop
Pocatello, Idaho – In 1968, Olympian Dick Fosbury changed the world of track and field with his innovative high jump technique “The Fosbury Flop.” In the years since, he has made his mark on athletes from around the globe at Simplot Games and the annual Simplot Games Track Camp, among other track meets and camps.
Earlier this year, the Idaho State University track team had a conversation with the Simplot organization in hopes of receiving funding for new track and field equipment. Simplot made a proposal to help fund a new high jump pit -and name it after the Simplot Games chairman, and high jump legend, Dick Fosbury.
ISU accepted the proposal, and over the past few months they have worked together with the Simplot organization, and Fosbury to develop a design for the pit, which is approaching the final stages of development.
The Fosbury Pit will serve as a constant reminder of the time and dedication Fosbury has put into Simplot Games and the thousands of athletes who have passed through Holt Arena. It will also symbolize the work current ISU athletes are doing to make their mark on the world just as Fosbury did.
Watch Simplot Games’ social media channels for the latest on the final design and arrival time of the Idaho State University-Dick Fosbury High Jump Pit, which is planned for February 15.
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