Montana Athletes Qualify for 2019 Simplot Games Finals

For Immediate Release
Date: February 15, 2019
Contact: Nicholas Bringhurst (208) 417 9379

Montana Athletes Qualify for 2019 Simplot Games Finals

 Pocatello, Idaho – With a day and a half of successful qualifing heats and flights, many Montana athletes are expected to excel in the finals tomorrow.
Here is a list of Montana athletes to watch for in the finals.

  • Lauren Heggen, a junior from Missoula, was the only qualifier from Montana in the girls’ 60-meter hurdles and one of three for the girls’ triple jump. The final for the 60-meter hurdles will be at 1:08 p.m. and the final for the girls’ triple jump is at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Bradley Graves, a senior from Ballantine, qualified for the finals of the boys’ 60-meter hurdles with a time of 8.47 seconds. The 60-meter hurdles final is at 1:23 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Natalie McCormick, a sophomore from Bozeman, qualified fifth in the girls’ 3200 meters. She will be joined by two other athletes from Montana in the finals at 3:40 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Alex Moore along with four other Montana athletes qualified in the girls’ 1600 meters finals at 1:55 p.m. on Saturday.

A full list of Montana qualifiers is at the end of the release.
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Montana Qualifiers
Boys’ 3200-Meter Run

  • Ben Perrin, 12, Lakeside
  • Gordon Gentry, 12, Great Falls

Girls’ 3200- Meter Run

  • Natalie McCormick, 10, Bozeman
  • Riley Moore, 10, Bozeman
  • Ellie Hull, 10, Bozeman

 Boys’ 1600-Meter Run

  • Griffin May, 11, Bozeman

Girls’ 1600-Meter Run

  • Alex Moore, 11, Bozeman
  • Terra Trom, 11, Bozeman
  • Makenna Edwards, 12, Missoula
  • Kylie Hartnett, 9, Helena
  • Grave Gilbreth, 10, Bozeman

Girls’ 800-Meter Run

  • Bridget Boyle, 12, Bozeman
  • Amelia Hartshorn, 10, Bozeman
  • Madison Edwards, 12, Missoula
  • Madi Provo, 12, Missoula

Girls’ 400-Meter Dash

  • Jenae Ramirez, 12, Rock Spring
  • Kezley Yeager, 11, Gillette
  • Mindy Russell, 11, Kinnear

Boys’ 200-Meter Dash

  • Cooper Craig, 11, Bozeman

Boys’ 60-Meter Dash

  • Austin Hernandez, 12, Ballintine

Boys’ 60-Meter Hurdles

  • Bradley Graves, 12, Ballantine
  • Chris Hust, 12, Silverdale

Girls’ 60-Meter Hurdles

  • Lauren Heggen, 11, Missoula

Girls’ 4×400-Meter Relay

  • Mountain West Track Club

Boys’ 4×200-Meter Relay

  • Mountain West Track Club

Boys’ Pole Vault

  • Jameson Slevin, 12, Bozeman
  • Kyzer Bair, 11, Bozeman
  • Wyatt Heringer, 12, Billings
  • Jon Tripp, 12, Billings

Boys’ High Jump

  • Bryson Muchmore, 11, Missoula
  • Trey Tintinger, 11, Helena

Girls’ High Jump

  • Delaney Bahn, 12, Bozeman

Girls’ Triple Jump

  • Lauren Heggen, 11, Missoula
  • Whitney Morrison, 11, Missoula
  • Ginny Kerr, 11, Helena

Boys’ Shot Put

  • Carter Hughes, 12, Sidney