Friendly Competition: Alaskan runner Levi Thomet connects with local standout Elijah Armstrong

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February 17, 2015
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Friendly Competition
Alaskan runner Levi Thomet connects with local standout Elijah Armstrong

Pocatello, Idaho – Levi Thomet, standout distance runner from the small island of Kodiak, Alaska, uses cross-country as a way to connect with friends across the nation. One such friend is Elijah Armstrong, four-time cross-country state champion from Pocatello, Idaho.

Levi Thomet - Simplot Games 2015

Levi Thomet
Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Both having been named the Gatorade Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year for their respective states, these boys have been around the block when it comes to competing in their sport.
What began simply as a competitive relationship soon turned to friendship as Thomet and Armstrong began to see each other at various races nationwide.
“I met him at Foot Locker [Cross Country Championships] in 2013,” Thomet said, “We were both on the West Team so we got to be good friends.”
When asked how it feels compete against Armstrong, Thomet said, “It’s more like friendly competition.” However, he added that although they’re good friends on and off the track, both boys are extremely competitive and will never back down from some good racing.
Thomet loves competing against the best runners in the country and uses any competition against Armstrong as a chance to improve himself.
“I really like competing against him,” Thomet said, “It’s really nice to have [good competition] to try and get the best race I can.”
Alijah Armstrong - Simplot Games 2015

Alijah Armstrong
Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Armstrong has played a big part in getting Thomet to Simplot Games for his first time this year. In the past, scheduling conflicts have not permitted Thomet to make the trip.
However, he said, “This year I made an exception to definitely put it in my plans to come down.” Thomet will even be staying with Armstrong while he’s in town for the duration of the Games.
This year’s event promises to be exciting, as these two friends will come together to compete at Simplot Games for the first time. Keep an eye out for Armstrong and Thomet as they go head to head in the 3200-meter event, with the finals beginning Saturday, February 21, at 3:40 p.m.
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