Elijah Armstrong of Pocatello, Idaho, wins boys’ 3200 meters at 2015 Simplot Games: Nearly breaks meet record, with Alaska’s Levi Thomet close behind

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February 21, 2015
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Elijah Armstrong of Pocatello, Idaho, wins boys’ 3200 meters at 2015 Simplot Games
Nearly breaks meet record, with Alaska’s Levi Thomet close behind

Elijah Armstrong

Photo by H. Michael Roberts

Pocatello, Idaho – Elijah Armstrong, senior from Pocatello, Idaho, won the boys’ 3200-meter run and nearly broke the meet record with a time of 9:01.04 at the 2015 Simplot Games. Armstrong’s time is currently the second fastest in the country, and he finished less than half of a second behind the meet record which stands at 9:00.62.
Armstrong is no stranger to Simplot Games, having competed all four years of his high school career. Although he’s always been a standout athlete, his first place finish has eluded him as he’s come in second all three years of past competition. His first place finish couldn’t have come at a better time as this will be his last year competing at Simplot Games.
“I wouldn’t change any experience I’ve had for anything,” said Armstrong. “My three second place finishes just made it that much sweeter.”
Coming into the race, Armstrong definitely had the record on his mind.
“My priorities were win first, record second,” he said, but overall he’s loved his experience with Simplot Games.
“It’s a blessing to come and be in front of my home crowd, and especially to top it off with a win my senior year,” he said. Armstrong looks forward to competing for Boise State in the fall.
“Going forward, I just want to enjoy it and live in the moment,” he said.
Armstrong got to share his final race with friend and tough competitor, Levi Thomet, a senior who made his first trip to Simplot Games from Kodiak, Alaska. Thomet was on Armstrong’s heels the entire race and finished with a time of 9:02.18. Along with being Armstrong’s top competitor, Thomet came to stay at Armstrong’s house while in town for the Games.
Elijah Armstrong, Levi Thomet

Photo by H. Michael Roberts

“We set a goal that we wanted to break the meet record, no matter which one of us did it,” Thomet said, “We really just wanted to be there and support each other the whole way. I pushed him and he pulled me.”
The race was thrilling to watch as the boys closed out their careers at Simplot Games. Armstrong and Thomet can leave the track this weekend with their heads held high.
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