Simplot Games Chairman and Olympic Legend Dick Fosbury Dies 3/12/23

We mourn the passing of our friend Dick Fosbury. He will forever be remembered as a pioneer in the high jump—a gold medalist who transformed his event to a degree that few athletes in any sport could claim. For us, though, he meant so much more.

As the Simplot Games chairman for more than 20 years, he elevated our event with his passion for competition and commitment to high school athletes. He introduced us to the spirit of Olympism—an ideal he lived day in and day out—and invited many of his Olympian friends to join us in Pocatello, Idaho.

Even five decades after he “flopped” his way to an Olympic gold medal, his connection with high school athletes, their coaches, our officials, and everyone else associated with the Games was remarkable—as was his energy and enthusiasm. He was a friend to many, and an inspiration to all.

We extend our condolences to Dick’s family, and send our best thoughts for comfort and peace in this difficult time.

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