Davis Track Club ‘A’ Wins the Boys’ 4×800-Meter Relay at the 2019 Simplot Games

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Date: February 16, 2019

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photo by H. Michael Roberts

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Davis Track Club ‘A’ Wins the Boys’ 4×800-Meter Relay at the 2019 Simplot Games

Davis Track Club ‘B’ also places 6th

Pocatello, Idaho – Davis Track Club ‘A’ of Davis, Utah, placed first in the boys’ 4×800-meter relay at the 2019 Simplot Games with the time of 8:22.11.

Conor Finlinson, junior, ran the first leg, Jacob Halverson, junior, ran the second leg, Jared Hogan, senior, ran the third leg, and Mitchell Clove, senior, ran the anchor.

This is the first time that the group has raced together before. The athletes all compete in longer distance races, with only one athlete specializing in the 800 meters.

“We have good chemistry and a good dynamic, it felt good to run together,” said Finlinson.

The team went back and forth between first and second place throughout the race, and then maintained first during the anchor leg.

Davis Track Club ‘B’ finished the race in 6th place with a time of 8:55.15.

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