Breakfast with Fosbury and Friends Presents Mike Powell

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Date: February 13, 2015
Contact: Melissa Lee (702) 461-2975
Breakfast with Fosbury and Friends Presents Mike Powell, World Long Jump Record Holder
Pocatello, Idaho – The world long jump record holder Mike Powell will join Olympian Dick Fosbury for the annual Simplot Games Breakfast with Fosbury and Friends on Feb. 20 at 7:30 a.m. at the Red Lion Hotel.
Bob Beamon’s long jump record of 29’2.5” stood untouched for 23 years, until Mike Powell came to the 1991 World Championships in Athletics in Tokyo. Powell jumped 29’4.5” beating Beamon’s record by just 2 inches.
Powell said that breaking the record was something he planned. Carl Lewis, Powell’s long jump nemesis, had just broken the world record in the 100 meters in the World Championships. Powell said Lewis was jumping well and wanted to break the long jump record.
“I had to break the world record to win,” Powell said. “We both went in there to break it.”
“It was one of those days that everything went into alignment,” Powell said. “The atmosphere was charged. The air was thick and you could smell a storm coming. Everyone came to see Carl break the world record and I said ‘no actually I’m coming to do it.’”
Powell’s record is still standing after 23 years, something he wakes up every day and thinks about.
“It feels amazing,” said Powell. “Every day I wake up and say ‘are you kidding me? I have the world record still?’ To break the world record was a big deal, but when it happened I didn’t think it would last for 15 minutes, and it has been 23 years.”
Although Powell is proud of his record, he hopes that it is broken in his lifetime.
“I don’t care what anyone else does, but I am going find somebody and I’m going to teach him how to do it. These guys don’t know how to do it like we used to do it,” Powell said.
Powell knew he wanted to compete in the Olympics after watching them in 1976. And he first realized they were a possibility during his sophomore year in college, after jumping 26’5.5”, the furthest jump in the world at the time. Powell said after the jump people said “he’s going to the Olympics” and he did.
Since retiring from track and field following the 1996 Olympics, Powell continues to compete in the long jump. In March, he will try to beat the Masters World Record of 22’4” in his age group.
Powell is also a motivational speaker, helps college athletes get scholarships, runs track camps and clinics, and makes appearances at events.
For Simplot Games athletes, Powell has some advice for you.
“Have fun,” he said. “If you have fun then you are going to do alright. If you get too serious and make competing like a job, then it is hard to function. Try be positive, try to have fun, and try to do your best.”
The 2015 Breakfast with Fosbury and Friends will be held Friday, Feb. 20, at 7:30 a.m., at the Red Lion Hotel. The breakfast is hosted by Dick Fosbury, and will feature Mike Powell as the guest speaker.
Tickets for Breakfast with Fosbury and Friends are available for purchase for $20 per person or $190 for a table of 10. For tickets call (208) 235-5604 or visit
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