Each year, the Simplot Games Board recognizes volunteers who have offered distinguished service to our event. These volunteers provide extraordinary services and commitment, helping the Simplot Games be a success. During the Games, volunteers dedicate their time to ensure the Games run smoothly and give our athletes the best experience possible. This year, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our distinguished volunteers: Deb Poulson and Brian Davis.

Deb Poulson has been volunteering with the Simplot Games since 2006, contributing her efforts to the scoring system. When asked about what made her want to be a volunteer to begin with, Deb responded: “The opportunity came up when my daughter was sophomore or junior, Josie Mcgee was retiring and asked me if I wanted to take place, and I thought it was a great way to get involved.” The Simplot Games has been thankful for her ever since.

When Deb has spare time during the games, she likes to watch some of the events. Although she enjoys all of them, she said that her favorite is the Coach’s 200. Not only is it fun to watch but her daughter had set the coach’s women’s record. When asked how she felt about being recognized as a Distinguished Service Volunteer, her response was: “When I first heard about it, I thought that there were more deserving people, but it’s very much an honor.” During the games, she monitors the scoring system to make sure all of the information is correct after each match, so that everyone is getting the right score.

Deb was asked why she thought the Simplot Games were an important event, she said the following: “During the winter, the students don’t have many opportunities to compete, and this is an event that can bring them in so they can compete and see where they’re compared to other athletes. This is a prestigious event where they can come and get scored for the USTA and get their mark or time so they can use it when they go to other big events.”

Beyond the Simplot Games, Deb is now retired and likes to spend her time focused on her hobbies. “I’ve done crossfit for seven years, and I enjoy the workout that it provides. I actually won a championship in Utah for crossfit. I’ve competed with my daughter in Twin Falls before. I also golf and I like watching my grandkids play baseball. I’ve also served on the alumni board and the Bengal athletic booster board.”

Brian Davis has dedicated his time to the Simplot Games for seven years, volunteering his time at the store. When asked what made him volunteer that first year, Brain responded: “One of my coworkers had been volunteering at the games, so I learned about it from her, and signed up to work in the store with her. And ever since then we’ve worked together pretty much every year in the store.” He has been a dependable volunteer ever since that first year.

When Brain has spare time during the games, he also like watch the events. “I love watching the events and talking to the participants and looking for them later while they compete. I don’t have a favorite event, I just enjoy watching them all.” When asked how he felt about being recognized as a Distinguished Service Volunteer, Brain’s response was very similar to Deb’s: “I felt like there were probably others who may have deserved it more, but I’m honored. I was surprised, but very honored for sure.” Although Brian is humble, he does anything and everything that needs to be done during the games in addition to his store responsibilities.

We had also asked Brian why he thought the Simplot Games were an important event, and he said the following: “It’s important for our community and it’s good for the high school kids. It’s a really high point in their high school lives. Simplot does this for these high schoolers, and they might not get this opportunity anywhere else.” Beyond the Simplot Games, Brain is an avid skier, enjoys white water rafting, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his grandkids.

The volunteers at Simplot Games make the event possible. Volunteers like Brain and Deb go above and beyond at the Games, and we are thrilled to recognize them this year!