Coaches Box Information

Registration for 2023 has closed.

Coaches for Field Events, in order to receive your Coaches Pass, you MUST register below and complete the Volunteer Release of Liability Form and email that to The deadline is Wednesday, February 15 at noon.

Reading this information carefully will prevent potential issues at Simplot Games. If you have questions, please email us at

  • Only ONE COACH per team will be allowed in the coaching box for Pole Vault, Throws, Horizontal Jumps, and High Jump.
    • If you have different coaches for these events, each coach must register for their particular event separately.
  • ONE Coaching Pass per event, per team will be allotted.
    • If you have multiple coaches for an event, you will need to choose which coach will receive the pass.
  • Coaches must stay in the Coaching Box and must have their Coaches Box Pass on.
  • Due to space in the boxes, once your athlete has finished competing, please exit the box.
  • Any coach not following the Coaching Policy will have their pass revoked and be asked to leave.
  • Due to the lack of space, and other events going on in the infield, we ask that coaches assist in the policing of the policy to allow the continued use of a Coaching Box.
  • In the Pole Vault: During warmups and prior to the start of the event, due to liability issues, only coaches with a pass will be allowed on the floor.
  • Passes will be included in your team/athlete packet.
  • All pass requests will be approved or denied by the Meet Director.
  • Passes are non-transferable due to legal issues. The registering coach’s name will be on the pass.

There will be no coaches areas for running events.