The State of Idaho is requiring Simplot Games to collect sales tax on registrations. If you belong to a school team and your school is tax exempt, follow the instructions below to have those taxes waived.

How can I avoid paying taxes?
– Your team must attend a tax exempt high school
– You will need to complete the Idaho State Tax Commission’s ST-101 exemption form
– – under #3 Exempt Buyer select Nonprofit School

– Return the form to Simplot Games by Feb. 9th
– – email to
– – fax to 208-235-5676
– – mail to Simplot Games, PO Box 912, Pocatello, ID 83204
*Please make sure you indicate the team name you used while registering for Simplot Games. This will make it much easier for our staff to match your tax exemption to your team.

How can I make this less painful – for myself and Simplot Games staff?
– Send this form to Simplot Games NOW. Your registration does NOT need to be complete before you send us the form.
– When your registration is to the point of payment, call the Simplot Games office at 208-235-5604 with a credit card and they can push your registration through without the taxes.

Bottom Line: If we do not receive the Exemption Certificate, you will be charged sales tax and you will not be reimbursed.