Shuttle Service

Free Shuttle Service in Pocatello:

Simplot Games provides free bus shuttle service through Pocatello Limousine between local hotels and Holt Arena all day Friday and Saturday.  The shuttles also provide service Friday evening to Simplot Games After Dark from the local hotels to the ISU Student Union Building.  Pocatello Limousine is also available for private airport shuttle and VanShare shuttle service from the Pocatello Airport, Idaho Falls Airport, Salt Lake City Airport and the Boise Airport.  Check out their website at or call (208) 480-1250 for more information or feel free to send them an email at

* If you arrive in town on Wednesday or Thursday, we provide in-town transportation.  Please call the  Simplot Games Transportation Dispatch number at (208) 830-8614 to schedule a pick-up.

For further information, including times and drop points, see the Simplot Games Shuttle Bus Schedule below.  TBA

SLE Logo stars only #2Salt Lake Express also provides shuttle service from the airports in either Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls or Boise.  Click their logo to connect to their website and purchase your ticket.

*NOTE: The drop-off is at the Maverick, Exit 69, which is near the hotels in the East Clark Street area.  There is also another drop-off, but it is not near any of the hotels or restaurants.