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Pocatello, Idaho – The 32nd Simplot Games are being held this weekend, February 18-20, at Idaho State University’s Holt Arena. The annual J.R. Simplot Company-sponsored event has become one of the nation’s premier high school indoor track and field events since it was first held in 1979.

“Athletes look forward to this weekend all winter,” says Rebecca Anderson, Simplot Games Executive Director. “It’s such an excellent way to kick-off the indoor season. Some of the best high school athletes in the country get to take center stage in one of the most unique and beautiful facilities around.”

Idaho State’s distinctive wood track, state-of-the-art timing equipment, and top-notch competition give athletes the motivation and chance to stomp around in record time.

“Athletes pay a huge price to get here,” says Anderson. “They sacrifice an enormous amount of time and effort to get the opportunity to perform at the highest level.”

Although the 2,000 athletes from over 20 different states and Canada who travel to Pocatello come to shine under Holt Arena’s bright lights, the Simplot Games weekend itself is about more than just standing atop a podium.

“But the Games is not all about competition, it is about having fun too,” says Anderson. “And this year is going to be better than ever, with some great new additions.”

The business community will enjoy “Breakfast with Fosbury and Friends.” Coaches and serious athletes get to explore a competitive edge at the Track Academy featuring Brigham Young University Sports Psychologist Ron Chamberlin.

Competitors get the chance to mingle with Olympic legends Dick Fosbury, Andre Phillips, Larry Questad, and Madeline Manning. They will socialize with each other at Simplot Games After Dark, which offers dinner, dancing, and a mechanical bull.

Coaches will be able to mingle with adidas athlete Scott Bauhs, Brett Gotcher, and Coach Greg McMillan over food and beverages at the adidas sponsored Coaches Hospitality Room.

The Games also offers recognition for everyone with the Parade of Athletes, a truly Olympic event.

“The Simplot Games is also unique because it is an open meet, which means athletes do not need a certain qualifying time or distance to be able to complete, says Anderson. “Everyone is welcome at the Games and this allows high school athletes from all over the chance to compete and have fun. It truly makes Simplot Games an extraordinary experience for everyone.”

Plus, admission to the Games is free.

Local business leaders, Simplot employees, and sponsors have been planning for this weekend since last May. The goal: to expose Pocatello’s beauty and hospitality to the influx of people who flood local shops, restaurants, and hotels.

“The community has become supporters of the Games because of the relative ease it is to become a fan,” adds Anderson. “And that wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who give up so much to put on such an exceptional, first-class event,”

The Games are more than a track meet. It has become a melting pot of young, aspiring individuals and dedicated business people and volunteers who grow, learn, and improve while coming together in the spirit of competition.

“The recipe for the Simplot Games involves coordination, dedication, and hard work by a lot of people,” says Anderson. “When the weekend’s over, only a few take home a medal, but everyone leaves with life-long memories of another incredible Simplot Games experience.”

Don’t miss out on this amazing experience. Make sure Holt Arena is your destination this weekend.

More than 1,800 athletes came from across the U.S. and Canada to participate in the 32nd annual Simplot Games. Simplot Games remains the nation’s premier high school indoor track and field event. Sponsored by the J.R. Simplot Company since 1979, the Simplot Games are held at Idaho State University’s Holt Arena in Pocatello, Idaho.

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